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NEW Song: Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz!

June 3rd, 2013

Lab is the Bin’s maddest inventor, scientist and all-around brainiac! He’s certainly come up with some brilliant, Bin-brained ideas, but his greatest creation of all has been the Bin Bots. Hear the weevily wacky genius himself sing about what’s bubbling and brewing in the lab on his new track, Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz!

Lab’s song will be on the Bin Tunes album this summer, but you can hear an exclusive clip right now inside Club Fling. Don’t forget to pick up your collectible music note nest item while you’re there!

We’ll release a new song clip every week as we count down to Bin Tunes. Plus, each time you listen to a new song, you can pick up a FREE Music Note wall sticker for your nest – one of 12 to collect.

DID YOU KNOW? Four of the songs on Bin Tunes feature lyrics co-written by our competition-winning fans… and now we’re looking for even MORE superstars to help create the music video for So Much Better With Two! Four lucky fans will win a chance to help make the new video and work with a pro animation director! To learn more about how to enter the competition, visit Gong’s Pipenest and pop into the ANIMATION STATION!

Check out the full track listing on binweevilsmusic.com, and don’t forget to download The Big Bin Weevil Ball, our very first single!

Let us know what you think about the new track, Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz, in the comments below!

Got a Bin-tastic Nest or Garden?

June 3rd, 2013

Want to see YOUR nest or garden on show in a future issue of Bin Weevils Magazine? Keep your weevily eyes peeled around the Binscape THIS WEEK and look out for Glamm and Mudd! They’re the mag’s top nest and garden experts, and they’ll be hunting for the best of the best.

Glamm will be dropping in on Wednesday and Mudd will be making her visit on Thursday . For your best chance to meet them, be on the Tycoon Island helipad between 4-5 pm (UK time). Good luck, weevily friends!

If Mudd and Glamm think your nest or garden is tip-top, you could even win a Bin-tastic ultra-rare trophy! To take a peek at some weevily cool nest and garden ideas, pick up the latest Bin Weevils Magazine at your local newsagent or supermarket. (*UK only)

Issue #15 is on sale right now and it’s packed with cool stuff, including a rare look inside Glamm’s nest!

PS. You’ll know you’ve found the real deal when you click on Mudd or Glamm and see a special profile box like these. You lucky Bin Weevil, it’s time to send them an invitation and keep your antennae crossed!

Weekend Puzzle Challenge!

June 2nd, 2013


Eco-friendly tip: If you print out your puzzle, re-use an A4 sheet that already has something on one side. Using both sides of the paper when you can helps to save trees! You can also re-use the other side for drawing or painting!

Create a Fiesta Nest Room!

June 1st, 2013

Fiesta fever has taken over in the Bin, and everyone’s been partying up a storm in their Fiesta-themed Party Rooms! But if you want to take the party vibe home to your nest, you can totally trim up a room in a similar style!  Here’s how…

Want to get the perfect framed picture with your Bin Buddies?  Take your friends along to a Bin Tycoon Photo Studio and pose away!

Bin Tunes: Scribbles Interviews Lab!

June 1st, 2013

When Lab’s not in his laboratory cooking up some crazy potions or building mad inventions, he likes to sing a bit of karaoke! Did you know that? Well, now you do… and Scribbles has uncovered even more mad facts about the Bin’s nuttiest scientist.

Read on to get the lowdown on Lab, and stay tuned on Monday for an exclusive clip from Lab’s new song, Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz! If you’ve ever wondered what a slightly barmy inventor does all day, you’re bound to love this cool new track.

Check out the full track listing at binweevilsmusic.com, and be sure to visit Gong’s Pipenest to find out how to enter the Bin Tunes Animate It Music Video Competition! Bin Tunes is YOUR album, and four of our lucky fans will win a chance to help direct the next Bin Weevils Music Video! Bin-tastic!

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