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Halloween Just Got Spookier…

October 24th, 2013

Hope you’re not too scared of the dark, because Flem Manor just got a little spookier! You can now explore all levels of the Manic Manor on your quest to rescue Flem!

Bin Tycoons can venture to the very top and battle ghosts in the Attic. If you can make it through, you’ll retrieve the second magic key to unlock Flem’s Treasure Vault…and all the secrets hidden inside!

Do you dare to scare?  Head to Flem Manor now, and don’t forget your torch!


October 23rd, 2013

The Nest Inspector has been on the hunt for haunted portraits, ghoulish guest rooms and supreme spectral seats! Check out some Halloween rooms that really gave the Nest Inspector a fright inside Best Nest Magazine, out now at Weevil Post!

Pick up your own Spiderweb Table and much more at the Halloween Pop-Up Shop in the Shopping Mall!

To send your spooky nest pics to the Nest Inspector, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. Learn more about all the cool stuff you can do as a Bin Tycoon on the Membership page!

Scribbles Asks: Have YOU dared to explore the Manic Manor?

October 22nd, 2013

Calling all Ghost Catchers! Flem needs your help!

Flem was playing hide-and-seek with some of the mischievous spectres in his Manor when he got locked into his Treasure Vault…and now he can’t get out.  If you want to save Flem, you’ll need sharp wits, lightning-fast feet and a steady hand to keep your torch light focused.

Have you got some great tips for the Manic Manor game inside Flem Manor? Share ‘em below!

Good luck in there…beware the scare!

Bin Weevils in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote!

October 22nd, 2013

Bin-tastic news, weevily fans! Bin Weevils has been nominated in the Favourite Website category for the 2013 BAFTA Kids’ Vote! Every year, the BAFTA Kids’ Vote lets YOU choose your favourite stuff and get your voices heard. Kids rule!

Pick your favourite in all four categories to unlock a special present pod that’s full of awesome goodie boxes and free virtual loot to collect! (The Bin Weevils goodie box is hiding some bonus nest item codes – wicked!) 

If you voted for Bin Weevils, comment and tell us why you love Bin Weevils and why you voted for us!

Note: Voting is open to UK residents only.

Weevil Weekly Issue #208 OUT NOW!

October 21st, 2013

Inside this issue: Scribbles returns from his investigation into the Flem Manor hauntings, some of Flem’s treasure revealed, special SWS reports, a FREE nest item code and more!

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