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Weekend Puzzle Challenge!

December 22nd, 2013

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Scribbles Asks: Game On!

December 21st, 2013

I’m so busy getting ready for Christmas, I haven’t even had time to think of my plans for the New Year. But you know who has? Ram!  I’ve just heard the buzz that the Bin’s top gamer is planning something MASSIVE for all the gamers out there.

If you love mini-games, arcade games, leaderboards, high scores and all the fun games you can play in the Bin, you’re going to be super excited about this news!

Ram wants to know what types of games YOU’D like to see in the Binscape. She’ll open up a poll with some of your favourites in the New Year.

Tell me about your favourite kinds of games below!

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Test Your Knowledge on the Skylanders Universe!

December 20th, 2013

How well do you know the world of Skylanders? Find out with the brand new Skylanders A-Z of Skylands Book!

Head to Flem Manor library now and test your knowledge with our ultimate Skylanders Quiz. You can even take a sneak peek inside the fab book with our exclusive extract AND win your very own copy in our amazing Skylanders competition!

So what are you waiting for? Head to Flem Manor Library now for some super Skylanders fun!

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Weevil Weekly Round-Up #217

December 20th, 2013

Finally! Christmas is almost here, and every Bin Weevil is full of good cheer! Even better, it’s time for me (Scribbles!) to bring you your Weevil Weekly Round-Up post. Every week, I’ll be blogging the top stories from the Binscape with the help of my awesome team of weevily reporters – YOU!

If your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-Up I’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest. You can leave your comments on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking!

Bin Pets and owners Bin wide have spoken and your top 3 most wanted PetStyle items are…. drum roll please….SUPER ANTENNA, GOLDEN CROWN and POSH’S TIARA! All 3 items and more are on sale right now. Doodle can’t decide which look he prefers, I think they’re all Bin-tastic!

Keeping your Bin Pet’s appearance top notch is only the half of it! You need to keep them fit and healthy too, and these 2 new energetic games at GymPet will do just the thing. Doodle’s personal favourite are the weights!

There’s still time to enter the Elf Hat Competition and collect your special Golden Christmas Tree item! Pick your favourite design and wear any Elf Hat for a chance to win a blingin’ prize. You can get your Elf Hat at Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace!

Woohoo! It’s so much fun meeting up with my fans when I’m wandering around the Binscape.

If you see me, don’t be shy! Say hi and stop to chat, and your pic could be featured next week! I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.

Lab’s brilliant Festive XP Potions are on sale in the Christmas Shop for a limited time! If you haven’t got yours yet, this weekend could be the perfect time for a little holiday magic to boost you to the next level and beyond.

Last week, I asked my readers about their holiday plans in the Binscape. Here’s what some of you were looking forward to!

Everything about my Christmas holiday is Bin-tastic! The igloo shop in the Shopping Mall. Lots of new nest items. The Whimsical Christmas Tree, the Snowy Forest Bed, the Bin Pets Paradise pet shop! My Bin Pet is as excited as me, we can’t wait till we open our presents!

My favourite thing about Christmas on Bin Weevils is the JOY AND FUN!!! I think were lucky with the Bin Pet Changer and advent calendar and the Christmas mag! I’m so excited for Christmas!

I’m going to message all my buddies and tell them I wish them a merry Christmas, and then I’ll visit the Shopping Mall to get my Bin Pet a present and then I’ll buy some Christmas things to decorate a Bin-tastic Christmas bedroom and kitchen!

I’m loving the Christmas parties and I love trying on new elf hats! I’m going to spend my Christmas weekend by hanging out with my buddies, decking out the new items and inviting them to my nest so I can get their opinions!

Sounds Bin-tastic! I wish all my readers a weevily happy Christmas and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store! Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured.

Happy holidays!

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My Little Pony Series 3 Episode 2 Now Playing!

December 20th, 2013

The next episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Series 3 is out now at Rigg’s Multiplex!

Join Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and the rest of the gang in Ponyville where you can watch all new episodes, grab yourself a handful of awesome downloads, earn nest items, win prizes and much more!

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