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Weekend Puzzle Challenge!

July 12th, 2014


Fan Art – Moderator special!

July 11th, 2014


We (drewbian & unicron7022) really enjoyed seeing these super cool works of art sent in from grazelda & squidia – they look so much like us!

We have also added some more great Fan Art in the Fan Art Gallery, so go check it out and find out if you or one of your buddies has some Fan Art featured!

Keep those weevily pics coming, we love to see ‘em! Send your scanned artwork, digital art or pictures of your 3D crafts to pics@binweevils.com.

Important: Remember to always include your Bin Weevils username along with your art, or we won’t be able to display your work!

You can also send us your Fan Art by post:


Scribbles’ Favourite Episode of My Little Pony Now Showing!

July 11th, 2014


For our My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic takeover this week, we’re letting Scribbles choose his favourite episode!

Scribbles has chosen a brilliant episode from Season 2; A Friend in Deed. 

We caught up with Scribbles in-between his reporting around the Binscape and asked him what makes this episode his favourite. He simply said, “all of my friends are very special to me and this episode is all about friendship!”

Head to the My Little Pony room inside Rigg’s Multiplex and check out Scribbles’ favourite episode now!

Stay tuned for more exclusive My Little Pony content, coming soon to Bin Weevils!

Weevil World Characters Revealed!

July 10th, 2014


Weevil World is our brand new game, coming soon to mobile and tablet devices!

We are thrilled to reveal that Weevil World players will be able to choose many different items of clothing for their Bin Weevil character!


Guest Bloggers: bin1932 & Emilythebrawler!

July 9th, 2014



We’ve always wanted a roommate in our nest, one that’s fun and is the best.

This is a story about our little friend Burple.

Burple was a lonely little alien who loved to imagine good things that might happen. He lived in a dirty, muddy hole with no friends. Burple had never explored the outside before, so one day he got out of his hole and he saw some trees, a lake, and… a bin.

Burple thought the bin would be a GREAT home for him, so he took some dirt, some plants and other stuff he found to build a hut. Burple slid up the bin, and looked down. He saw many things… nests, cartons, egg shells, and the most amazing thing he ever wished for, a friend. So he jumped down the hole and landed in a box. A moment later it opened up and he was so happy! Burple had a friend, a home, everything he wanted!

Burple and the Bin Weevil had so much fun! Every day Burple would give his friend a reward or tell jokes. And that’s how Burple came to the Binscape.




The Story of how Burple Came to the Binscape

Not Far from the Binscape, a little UFO blasts through the stars. Inside the UFO there’s a little alien called Burple!

After accidentally passing his own planet at lightspeed, Burple decides to look for a new home. As he sees a blue planet, none other than the Binscape itself, Burple speeds up in his UFO and prepares to land.

Lab sees a meteor crashing near Tink’s Tree. He rushes there and sees not a meteor… but a UFO! The top of the UFO opens and he sees a burping creature come out who is known as Burple.

Lab hatches a idea, “Maybe if I clone him everyone can have their own Nest Buddy,” he said to himself.

As he clones Burple from his cloning machine, several Burples come out!

Next morning everyone notices they received a present from Lab. The present is their very own Burple!


If you want a chance to become a Guest Blogger, please send your Burple origin story to ‘blog@binweevils.com’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

Featured Nest Item

Which of these Bin Weevils Celebs is your favourite?

  • Posh (37%, 4,265 Votes)
  • Tink (20%, 2,343 Votes)
  • Clott (17%, 1,914 Votes)
  • Lab (14%, 1,581 Votes)
  • Bunty (12%, 1,403 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,508

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