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Guest Bloggers: lugipugi2020 and dsi676!

July 17th, 2014



Many, many years ago… Earth was formed.

1,000 years later… many things came to life such as witches. The witches were very mean and cursed anyone who didn’t follow their rules.

Another 1,000 years passed with the witches in charge. During this time a creature called ‘Burple’ was formed.

5 years later, the Burple played a prank on one of the witches. She got so angry that steam started coming out of her ears! The Burple said sorry and begged for freedom. But the witch didn’t listen. She put the poor Burple a bottle and threw it out to sea. The witch was very proud of herself for catching Burple and sending him away.

The Burple floated in the water for many years..

Then after millions of years somebody found and opened the bottle. Can you guess who it was? It was Lab from the Binscape! Did you guess correctly? Well done if you did!

Lab was surprised to see the cute creature come out as soon as the bottle was opened. Lab asked the Burple what had happened and the Burple explained everything. The Burple was so happy to be free  that he allowed Lab 3 wishes.

Lab thought for a very long time… then finally he said his wishes.

1. For Burple to stay in the Binscape!
2. For everyone to have their own Burple!
3. For Burple to give everyone rewards for 7 days!

Burple happily agreed and so Lab went to everyone’s nest and put one a Burple in their My Stuff Box. When the Weevils came to play they were surprised to see the cute Burple waiting for them. They were even more excited to see that he gave them prizes for 7 days and then they could keep him forever.

Thanks to Burple! Thanks to Lab for using his wishes on others! Everyone was happy!



Tink and Clott were sleeping in their beds. It was 7: 59am and at 8:00am o’clock their alarms went off.

“Time to wake up!” said Tink.

“Okay!” yawned Clott.

They both went to Figg’s Cafe and had Bin Scones for breakfast.

“I want to play a game!” said Tink.

“Me too!” agreed Clott, with his mouth full.

“Let’s play Konnect Mulch!” said Tink.

“Okay!” agreed Clott who had now finished his breakfast.

They went to Dosh’s Palace to play. Tink put down a yellow counter. Clott put down a green. Tink put down one that was blue and had a face. Clott put down a… WAIT! Tink was supposed to put down a yellow counter! What sort of counter has a face?

“Hello! Me Burple!” said the unknown blue counter. It jumped out of the board. Tink and Clott were very confused about the talking blue counter named Burple that now sat in front of them.

“Here are your prizes today,” said Burple.

“That was nice!” said Tink.

“We should give a Burple to everyone!” suggested Clott

“How?” asked Tink.

Burple whistled and along came his giant family.

“We are going to Bin Weevils’ nests on holiday!” said the giant Burple family.

“Yay!” said all the Bin Weevils as they each received a Burple.



If you want a chance to become a Guest Blogger, please send your Burple origin story to ‘blog@binweevils.com’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

Planes 2: Fire & Rescue zooms through the Binscape!

July 17th, 2014


Planes 2: Fire & Rescue is due for release on August 08th and to celebrate, we’ve let the whole gang take over the Binscape!

We’ve hidden 8 of the Planes 2 characters around the Bin and it’s down to you to find them! There’s plenty of Mulch to be earned if you can spot them all!

You can also read all about Dusty and the rest of the team as well as play some awesome Planes 2 games whilst you’re at it.

Let us know what you think of Planes 2 and if you managed to find all of the characters by leaving us a comment here on the What’s New Blog!

Scribbles Interviews Rigg – Summer Fair!

July 16th, 2014



Thanks for the interview, Rigg!


Well… you didn’t leave me much choice. You’ve been hanging around my window trying to get one of your famous scoops all week!


Heh… yeah. Anyway, first question! What’s the deal with that mysterious blueprint I saw through your window on Friday? Some Bin Weevils think it might be the design for a fun house…


A-hah! So you have been peeking through my window! Sneaky reporter! Well, Scribbles, my lips are sealed about that. But… I’ll at least give you a little clue.

Bin Tycoons are going to have a lot of fun in that house.

That house… of fun.

Heh, heh.


So it’s a fun house. Gotcha!


Er… well… I… do you have any other questions?


Will there be new games?


Of course! Lots of the previous games are coming back and I have a few brand new ones in the pipeline you’re going to love. On an unrelated note… how good is Doodle, your Bin Pet, at jumping?


Er… pretty good, I think. Does that have something to do with a new game?


You’ll have to wait and see!


Pfft! I’ll never get a scoop with that attitude, Rigg!

Moving on… what new nest items can Bin Weevils look forward to spending their tokens on during the fair?


That’s a question for the Nest Inspector more than me. That said, he did mention ordering new prizes for the Claw Machine and something about a special Super Antenna tent.


New Claw Machine prizes? A SUPER ANTENNA TENT?

Now that’s the kind of scoop I was after!


Okay, okay, now you’ve got your scoop… can I please get back to work? The fair opens soon and I’ve still got so much to do!


Right. I’ll leave you in peace. Thanks for the interview!



Oh yeah… Scribbles? One more thing…




Stop hanging around my window!


Okay… okay…



What are you looking forward to the most about the Summer Fair? Have your say by leaving a comment below!


Best Nest #97 & Garden of the Week!

July 15th, 2014





To submit pictures to the Nest Inspector and Garden Inspector, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. To learn more about all the cool VIP rewards you’ll get as a member, visit the Membership Page.

Guest Blogger: CHO-CHERRY!

July 14th, 2014


“Arghhhhhhhh!” yelled Tink.

He was being awoken by his Shake-You-Awake Alarm Clock. It jerked and he tumbled out of bed. “I know they’re top of the range,” he muttered groggily, clutching his  bruised head, “But that’s not the nicest way to get up!”

After recovering from the shock, Tink whipped up some earwax on toast then headed out into his garden. Every now and then it was nice to get mucky, plant seeds and water plants.

Tink felt very content with the sun’s yellow rays dancing on his face. He had pruned all of the bushes, collected cherries, lemons, apples and oranges from various fruit trees (eating a few as he went), tended to his Venus Flytrap and mended the fence.


“That’s all I think,” Tink said and trotted down the garden path. He was just about to go inside when…

“My Pit Of Mystery is ready to harvest!”

Jumping with excitement, Tink rushed over to his Pit of Mystery and waited… and waited… Where was the caramel-coloured teddy? The sweet smelling flowers? The big box of chocolates? The brightly coloured balloons?

“Where’s my reward? cried Tink, getting agitated. He should’ve been more careful where he was standing because he suddenly slipped and fell down into the Pit of Mystery! Tink shrieked with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

Had a Bin Weevil ever fallen down a Pit Of Mystery before? What secrets lay within?


Tink finally reached the bottom and landed with an almighty thud. “Ow!” he moaned. Two bruises on his head in one morning! Slowly he got up and gazed around at his surroundings. It was completely pink with dirt and grime in the crevices. On the ground was a chubby, blue, polka-dotted creature!

“Heyyo! BURP!” it giggled. “Here’s your pwize!”  It presented him with a shiny, newly minted Dosh coin. “Thanks!” gasped Tink, then sighed. However mesmerising the money was, it wasn’t going to help him out of this situation.

But then the creature (who was called Burple) gave Tink something he was even more grateful for – a rope. Chuckling with joy, Tink hauled himself and Burple out of the gloomy pit and into the sunshine.

Everything was going to be fine!


Suddenly a huge tentacle lurched out of the Pit Of Mystery.  “Oh no!” thought Tink, shaking like a leaf! “What’s going to happen now?” To his berwilderment, relief and delight, the tentacle gave him an enormous box of chocolates then shrunk back to regular size.

The setting crimson sun was now dipping slowly beyond the horizon. “Come on,” said Tink, taking Burple’s podgy hand, “We’ve got chocolates to eat!


If you want a chance to become a Guest Blogger, please send your Burple origin story to ‘blog@binweevils.com’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

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