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Weevil of the Week – mosh8268!

November 20th, 2015

Congratulations to mosh8268 for being selected as Weevil of the Week!

mosh8268’s favourite location is Flum’s Fountain and they enjoy shopping, earning Mulch and Doshchatting with Bin buddies training their Bin Pet!

Their favourite Bin Weevils character is Rott and their favourite colour is Purple. What’s more, mosh8268’s favourite foods in the Bin are Chocolate Sludge Cake, Tum’s Jelly & Bin Bangers!

Additionally, you can see that mosh8268 is level 46, they’re a Bin Tycoon Member, own a Bin Pet named maysy & their Nest Coolness rating is ‘Celebrity’!

mosh8268 says, “I would like to be Weevil of the Week because I’m always there to support my Bin Buddies and help them. I also like working with my Bin Buddies to solve puzzles to unlock secret codes. Finally, I really enjoy rating other Weevil’s Nest rooms to give them a chance of appearing in Best Nest“.

Well congratulations mosh8268! You sound like a Bin-tastic candidate to become Weevil of the Week & I hope you enjoy your your time being a Big Weevil!

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Best Nest #166 & Garden of the Week! Unlock 3 Dosh!

November 19th, 2015

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Your Anti-Bullying Comments & Advice!

November 18th, 2015

Hi there Weevils!

As you might already be aware, it’s Anti-Bullying Week and we’ve all been doing our part to make a noise about bullying to raise awareness and help stamp out bullying for good!

Loads of you have been leaving really helpful comments right here on the What’s New Blog and we just wanted to take a moment to showcase a few of your comments from the last few days!

fizzyizzy2012 says:

Bullying MUST be stopped.

If any bullies are on Bin Weevils, maybe after this week you will change and understand there are actions that you should never do or attempt in life!

boglarka says:

Tell someone who can do something about it. If they don’t do anything about it, tell them again or write down your feelings and show them!

15sunshine says:

Bullying is a mean thing to do and this week we need to show bullies they are wrong!


pandagirl18426 says:

Bullying is naughty,  let’s not bully because if you do it makes you a bad person and nobody will want to be your friend or want to play with you, SO STOP BULLYING.

muck30 says:

I’ve been bullied, it’s horrible. just tell someone! what could go wrong? The only way to sort it is to report it! Tell a teacher or carer!

maxie04 says:

Don’t sit through it alone, tell an adult you trust, MAKE A NOISE ABOUT BULLYING!

daisy1207 says:

If you see a friend being bullied and you don’t do anything about it that means you are on the side of a bully! So when you see someone being bullied be sure to tell an adult or teacher.

Do you have any more advice for our Weevily readers? Join the Anti-Bullying Week discussion and leave a comment below!

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Bin Tycoon Weekly Rewards: Week 3 – Collect A Nestige Deluxe Aquarium!

November 18th, 2015

Bin Tycoons are in for a real treat this November with Bin Tycoon Weekly Rewards!

Each week in November, a brand new reward will be made available exclusively to Bin Tycoon members for one week only! What’s more, each reward will come in the form of a Secret Code to enter in-game!

The third reward on offer is a BIN-CREDIBLE DELUXE AQUARIUM from the popular Nestige range, worth a whopping 70 Dosh! This bonus item will surely compliment any nest room design and is a firm favourite of the Nest Inspector when awarding nest trophies!

Stay tuned for the final Bin Tycoon Weekly Reward announcement on 25th November 2015!

Bin Tycoon members will be able to claim every reward in the coming weeks as well as enjoy the usual membership benefits around the Binscape!

Find out all about Bin Tycoon membership by clicking the button below:

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Anti-Bullying Week: Make Some Noise!

November 17th, 2015

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