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Rainbow Dash’s Favourite Episode of My Little Pony Now Showing!

July 24th, 2014


After having Tink, Clott and Scribbles choose their favourite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, we only thought it would be fair to let some of the ponies themselves choose theirs!

First up is Rainbow Dash, who’s chosen the Season 1 episode Fall Weather Friends as her favourite so far. We caught up with her to find out what makes this episode so special to her and she replied “I got to take part in the Iron Pony Competition and I absolutely loved it!”.

Head to the My Little Pony room inside Rigg’s Multiplex and check out Rainbow Dash’s favourite episode now!

Stay tuned for more exclusive My Little Pony content, coming soon to Bin Weevils!

Ready for Even More Summer Fair Fun?

July 24th, 2014


BIN-TASTIC NEWS! We’ve just opened TWO new tents and a new game over at the Bin Weevils Summer Fair!

Go bouncing with Bin Pets over at Bin Pet Bounce and get your feelers on a Summer Fair exclusive Super Antenna at the Super Antenna tent!

There’s also another surprise inside the Super Antenna tent, why not hurry over now and find out what it is?

The Claw Machine has also been freshly stocked with special Bin Weevil dolls for your nest. Try to collect them all!


BOOMco Guest Blogger Competition!

July 23rd, 2014


To enter, send your 100 word review of the BOOMco area to help@binweevils.com with the Subject ‘BOOMco Guest Blogger’.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday, 30th July, and have their post featured on the What’s New Blog – so get reviewing!


Best Nest #98 & Garden of the Week!

July 22nd, 2014


To submit pictures to the Nest Inspector and Garden Inspector, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member. To learn more about all the cool VIP rewards you’ll get as a member, visit the Membership Page.



Guest Bloggers: Rudego and iPies!

July 21st, 2014



Gam was in his castle eating birthday cake as it was his 5th birthday.

As Gam finished eating his cake, he had a great idea! He decided to invite his friends to his secret hideout in the forest!

Next day he arranged to meet all his friends at the tree house in the dark and gloomy forest. When everyone had arrived, they decided to create the biggest burp ever! What none of them knew was that their giant burp would create Burple and everyone in the Binscape would find one in their nest.

To get ready for the biggest burp ever, they all had to drink lots of lemonade. GAM counted down, three… two… one and they all gave a really loud burp!

Suddenly, a creature nobody had ever seen before came out of the ground.  It was a Burple.

“Burping is polluting 36% of the world!” said Burple.

Fortunately Lab arrived in his time machine and splashed every Burple with a potion which would not pollute the world!

That’s how Burple and his friends arrived in the Binscape.



It was a bright and sunny day. Bin Weevils were shopping at Nestco for new summer things, Figg was busy at her cafe, Lab was finding out new stuff, and Scribbles was finding out some bin-tastic news.

During that day, a brand new Bin Tycoon decided to adopt a new Bin Pet. So, he weeviled along to Bin Pets Paradise and went into the Bin Pet Shop. There were lots of cute Bin Pets hopping around in the sand!

The Bin Tycoon picked a medium-sized purple Bin Pet. He named him Bob. Bob hopped out of the sand and jumped right onto his legs!

When they both went to their nest, the Bin Weevil realised something very strange…

It wasn’t a Bin Pet at all, it was a very strange creature who said he liked turtles! Arghh! What was it?

The Bin Weevil went onto his computer and did a search for the creature. The computer showed him a screen with ‘BURPLE, BY LAB’ on it.

“So your name is Burple?” the Bin Weevil asked.

The next day, Scribbles found out. He was so excited and he decided to put a Burple in everyone’s nest.

And so… the Burple story begins.



If you want a chance to become a Guest Blogger, please send your Burple origin story to ‘blog@binweevils.com’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

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