Weevil of the Week – b1nbee!

Congratulations to b1nbee for being selected as our 67th Weevil of the Week!

b1nbee’s favourite location is Bin Pet Paradise and they enjoy chatting with buddies, shopping & earning Mulch as well as exploring the Binscape! I love all those activities too!

Their favourite Bin Weevils character is Snappy and their favourite colour is turquoise! What’s more, b1nbee‘s favourite foods are Bin Salads, Chocolate Sludge Cakes and Slime Sandwiches – yum!

Additionally, you can see that b1nbee is a level 39 Bin Tycoon member with their very own Bin Pet!

b1nbee says, “I am a responsible Weevil and I try to make the Bin happier!”

Well done, b1nbee! hope you enjoy the next 7 days as a giant Big Weevil!

You could be the next Weevil Of The Week and win a super, fantastic, amazing  prize pack too! 


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