Garden Inspector’s Seasonal Showcase!

Garden Inspector here!

I’ve been hard at work throughout December awarding trophies for the BIN-CREDIBLE garden photos sent in by Bin Tycoon members. I’ve seen frosty gardens, fiery gardens and more seasonal style gardens than you can shake a watering can at!

Let me tell you something… selecting a Garden of the Week this month has been SO difficult! I can only pick one garden per week to win and so many of your seasonal gardens have been spectacular!

That’s why I’ve decided to do something a bit different this week, a Seasonal Showcase, showing off a few of the best gold trophy standard gardens I’ve seen recently! Check out five of my favourites below!

Aren’t those gardens spectacular? Each one is fresh, unique and stylish with amazing holiday charm!

Have you been inspired by these five talented gardeners? Can I expect a Bin-credible garden photo from you in the near future? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below!

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