Weevil of the Week – Candy973!

Congratulations to Candy973 for being selected as Weevil of the Week!

Candy973’s favourite location is Flum’s Fountain and they enjoy chatting with Bin buddies, training their Bin Pet, shopping & earning mulch to shop with!

Their favourite Bin Weevils character is Posh and their favourite colour is Purple. What’s more, Candy973’s favourite foods  in the Bin are Chocolate Sludge Cake, Dirt Doughnuts & Bin Bangers!

Additionally, you can see that Candy973 is level 36, they’re a Tycoon Member, own a Bin Pet & their Nest Coolness rating is ‘Superstar’!

Candy973 says, “I would like to be Weevil of the Week because I’m very caring and I enjoy visiting other Weevil’s Nests to rate each room 5 stars! Also, I always give them feedback on what I liked most about their Nest :)

Finally, if any Weevil needs help, I’m always there for them. Some Weevils need help with Secret Codes, some would like a tour around the Bin & others may need help with SWS missions”.

Weevil wow! Candy973 sounds like a helpful Weevil & helpful Weevils should always get a little bit of recognition! I hope you enjoy your 7 days of being a Big Weevil!

You could be the next Weevil Of The Week and win a super, fantastic, amazing  prize pack too! 


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