Meet Some of Lab’s Top Scientists!

Hey Bin Weevils, Lab here! After my EPIC trip to the past, I had to run a few tests at my lab to make sure everything was working. During these tests, I found out that some Bin Weevils have collected over 200 Bin Bots! I decided to investigate a bit further, and managed to track down some of the TOP SCIENTISTS!

Here they are in all their glory:

These weevily inventors must have been making potions every day to create this many Bin Bots!

How many Bin Bots do you have? You can check at the BIN BOT PORTAL in your nest!

To create your own Bin Bots, and perhaps one day be one of the Bin’s Top Scientists, head to the Bin Bots Maker, just outside of my Lab. Bin Weevils can collect new potions every day, and you can get experimenting right away!

Remember, Bin Tycoon members get to make TWICE as many potion mixes per day, and also receive 3 bonus daily potions!

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