Bin Mystery: The Reporter Returns!

The story so far…
Ace reporter Scribbles was last spotted at Club Fling before he mysteriously vanished! He asked Posh to look after his Bin Pet, then flew to Mulch Island with Flam! After that, Blem’s boat carried him to another island

Readers sent in their theories about where Scribbles had gone, but then Tink & Clott found some more clues that pointed to Lab’s Lab!

And then…
Tink and Clott were on their way to Lab’s Lab to follow up on their latest lead, when they noticed a crowd gathering around Flem Manor.  “It’s Scribbles!” someone shouted. “Scribbles is BACK!”

“No way!” shouted Clott. The two pals broke into a run and pushed their way past the crowd into the Editor’s Office. Sure enough, there was Scribbles, safe and sound!

“Scribbles!” gasped Tink, hugging his long-lost friend. “Where in the Bin have you been?”

“It’s a long story,” said Scribbles. “We’d better discuss it over a Bin Burger!”

A short time later, the buddies were chowing down on some delicious food, and Scribbles began his tale.

“It all started with a theory,” Scribbles explained. “Long ago, before his disappearance, Great-Uncle Slosh was working on a Time Machine. And more recently, our very own barmy brainbox, Lab, was working on a similar invention.”

“I learned that Lab had been doing some research. He was reading all of Great-Uncle Slosh’s books. So I went to Flem Manor Library and checked out the same books!”

“The most intriguing thing I found in one of the books was a map. It seemed to point to a location in the islands. So, being the super sleuth I am, I decided to investigate by going there myself! Could the map really lead me to the Gems of Power described in Slosh’s book?”

“With some help from my friends, I reached the secret location. It was quite a trek through the jungle to find it, and for a long time I thought I was lost. But then I finally came upon the exact spot…and to my surprise, somebody else was already there!”

The story continues next week…

What do you think Scribbles found at the secret location? Who do you think was already there?

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