Timmy Failure is back in business!

He doesn’t like to pull rank. To reveal that he’s this guy: Timmy Failure, founder, president, and CEO of the greatest detective agency in town, perhaps the nation. But he is.

And he’s about to crack the biggest case of his generation.  But someone is clearly trying to game the system. Bamboozle. Hoodwink.

So, naturally, he has to guard against the one thing that can bring him down: SHENANIGANS.

The sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller from Stephan Pastis is bound to have you in stitches yet again.

Timmy and Total set up their new office in the Binscape last year, and the office has now re-opened for business! Visit Total Failure, Inc. now to watch videos, read extracts, and win 10,000 Mulch as well as a copy of Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done

What Timmy’s fans are saying

“Timmy Failure is a winner!”
Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

“Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made is one of those ‘laugh your head off and try not to be sick’ books”
Charlie, age 9, www.lovereading4kids.co.uk

“It will glue you to the page like cheese stuck to the carpet.”
Adam, age 9, www.lovereading4kids.co.uk

Illustration copyright © 2014 by Stephan Pastis • Timmy Failure font copyright © 2014 by Stephan Pastis

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