Weevil Weekly Round-Up #222

Friday’s here, and you know what that means… That’s right, it’s time for me, Scribbles, to give you the weekly scoop! My Weevil Weekly Round-Up post has all the news you need to know!

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Bin builder Rigg has been spotted several times at Club Fling, making measurements and carrying in loads of supplies. The rumours are confirmed: Club Fling is getting a new look!

Join me right here on the What’s New Blog tomorrow as I interview Rigg about the construction plans… and he might even let slip what’s inside that Mysterious Crate in the Shopping Mall!

Have you been assembling your Dance Fever Room? Three items are now unlocked, and Bin Tycoons can collect a new free gift from Fling every Friday!

Click on the disco ball on the wall in your nest to see what you can collect today!  Plus, don’t forget to weevil over to Hem’s Hats and pick up your Disco Ball Hat…it’s the last weekend for the Level-Free Hat Sale!

DID YOU KNOW? Chinese New Year is coming up next week!  In China and all over the world, there will be lots of parties and celebrations to welcome a new beginning and a lucky year ahead.

Starting this weekend, the Chinese New Year Photo Studio theme is featured at Snappy’s Photo Shop!  Bin Tycoons, deck out your studios in red and gold so that everyone can drop in to snap a pic!

The Chinese calendar is different from the Western calendar because each year is represented by a zodiac animal. Last year’s special animal was the Snake, and this time around we’ll be celebrating the Year of the Horse!

Sneak peek time: This Bin-tastic Lucky Horse nest item will be on sale soon at Bin Mart.  I can’t wait!

Ram is running a poll to find out which Retro Arcade Game you’d most like to see in the Binscape! Be sure to cast your vote to make sure your fave stays in the lead.

Don’t miss the Bin-tastic interview with Ram in Issue #23 of Bin Weevils Magazine!  Bunty got all the juicy gossip from Ram, plus there’s a sweet Arcade poster inside!

Want to see your pic here? Be sure to keep an eye out for me and say hi if you see me wandering around the Binscape!

Every week I drop by to chat with my fans, and I’m always happy to pose for a snap! (I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.)

The top selling item of the week is the Deluxe Museum Case, featuring a replica of a rock carving that Digg found on Mulch Island!  This Bin-tastic Nestige item on sale now at Nestco.

Everyone is full of theories about what the carving might represent…Check out some fan theories below, and take a look at the whole tablet inside Bin Weevils Mag #23 to see for yourself!

I asked my readers to share their thoughts about the strange carving Digg found! Here are a few of my favourites:

It looks like a Bin Pet on top of a flower. It’s amazing! It’s so cool.

It’s like that puzzle in the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet, which was a pretty cool mission!

It says in Bin Weevils Mag Issue #23 that there was a big stone tablet on Mulch Island, but pieces of it are missing and it might belong to that!

With close analysis I can indicate that it is a fragment from the ancient Bin Pet Temple!

This looks like a carving of a Bin Pet, possibly with wings! I have seen something similar to this at the Temple on Mulch Island where one of the SWS Missions was completed.

Ooooh, these are all very exciting theories! Check out my interview with Digg inside BW Mag to learn more!

What’s your favourite Bin Mystery? Are there any other mysteries you’d like to see explored in a future mag?

Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured.

Yours mysteriously,

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