Scribbles Asks: Rigg’s Secret Project!

It’s Dance Fever Month and Rigg has been hard at work on some renovations for Club Fling! The Bin’s top builder is hard to track down, especially now that he’s so busy – but I caught up with him while he was on a sandwich break and got the goss!

Scribbles: Hi, Rigg! So, the news is finally out that you’ve been working on secret plans for Fling’s dance club. I know it’s still all under wraps, but what can you tell us?

Rigg: I can’t reveal too much, because Fling wants it to stay a surprise!  But I can tell you that visitors who like to be in the limelight will be in for a big treat!

Scribbles: Sounds exciting! Anything else you can give us? What about the grand opening party?

Rigg: Slam and Fling are taking care of the opening party, and I will tell you this: They’ve got a new special move in store for every guest who attends!  I’ve had a peek at the move and it is…very shiny!

Scribbles: Shiny? A shiny special move? Does this have anything to do with what’s in that Mysterious Crate in the Shopping Mall?

Rigg: Nope! That’s yet another surprise – a nest item delivery for Fling that Tink and Clott dropped in the wrong place!  It’s a bit too heavy to drag it all the way to Club Fling, and the helicopter is off on SWS duty right now – so we’ve decided to leave the crate in the Mall. It’s going to crack open soon…the nest item inside is so powerful that it can’t be contained for much longer!

Scribbles: I can’t wait!  Thanks, Rigg! Good luck!

What kind of nest item do you think is in the Mysterious Crate?  And what’s this about a shiny special move? Any ideas?

Let me know your guesses in the comments below!

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