NEW Amazing Aquarium Coming Soon!

Weevily wow! What’s this all about? Stories have been swirling that the Nest Inspector is about to launch his own range of super-amazing nest items, hand-selected by him for “Nestige” status! This Bin-tastic Tube Aquarium is rumoured to be the first item that will go on sale.

What makes this item so special? Not only is it gold-plated (sure to please the Bin’s bling collectors!) but the contents are far from ordinary…

Dip was taking a dive in the lake behind Bin Pets Paradise when he spotted these odd pink blooms. The Bubble Fish, which loves to squeeze into small spaces and doesn’t usually come out into the open, seemed particularly drawn to the places where these flowers were growing around the water!

Twigg, the Bin’s top plant expert, was called in to take a look.  “How unusual!” Twigg said. “I’ve seen flowers very similar to these somewhere before…hmm! This must be an unknown water variety!”

Keep an eye out for the Tube Aquarium coming soon to the Shopping Mall!

What other “Nestige” items do you think the Nest Inspector will have in his range? Have a guess below!

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