Weevil Weekly Round-Up #211

Hi, weevily friends!  Scribbles here, your favourite ace reporter! I’m excited to tell you that I’ll now be blogging all the best stories in the Bin right here on the What’s New Blog, every Friday with the Weevil Weekly Round-Up post!

This also means I’m going to need YOUR help!  I’ll be adding some of your comments, opinions and ideas to my Friday posts, and better still, if your comment gets featured in the Weevil Weekly Round-Up I’ll send you a blingin’ Scribbles Trophy for your nest! Be sure to comment on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking!

Has your Bin Pet been exceptionally peppy lately? Bouncing out of bed, doing extra juggling practice? There’s a rumour spreading among the Bin Pets that something very exciting is about to happen, and it’s causing quite a stir.

My Bin Pet, Doodle, has had a huge grin on his face for a week!  What could be going on?  I’ve scheduled an interview with Dott next week to get the bottom of this.

The jungle on Mulch Island is just crawling with mystery! From ancient ruins to magical artifacts, the jungle holds the key to unravelling the Bin’s past.  And do you know who knows a LOT about that past? That’s right, it’s Gam – chief of the Secret Weevil Service and oldest Bin Weevil in the Binscape.

If you want to have a look inside Gam’s journal and take a cheeky peek back through time, then keep an eye out for Bin Weevils Mag #21, coming soon! It’ll be in stores next week! (UK only.)

Have you cast your vote yet in the BAFTA Kids’ Vote?  I am super excited that Bin Weevils has been nominated in the Favourite Website category!

Thanks to all our Bin-tastic fans who have already voted – and if you haven’t picked your favourites yet, you have until November 22nd to vote for your fave TV show, film, video game and website. Don’t forget to pick up your virtual goodie packs in the Goodie Pod after you’re done to collect some cool prizes!

Next week, you could see YOUR comment or story idea in this space!  Let me know what YOU think I should write about!

I’d better go now…Doodle is jumping around my feet, bursting to go play with his Bin Pet friends and chatter about whatever this big Bin Pet secret is…

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