TOP SECRET: SWS Teleporter Pad!

Trigg and Lab have been working long and hard on their latest gadget, and they’re finally ready to show it off to the world!

What does it do? Genius! The Teleporter Pad allows all SWS agents to transport to HQ directly from their nest! Just step on to the pad and zzzzzooop, you’ll beam away to the centre of the Headquarters and be ready to report for your next mission.

There are only a limited number of prototypes for sale, then this item will be gone until Lab and Trigg can make more. Hurry to Nestco now to get your hands on one of the very first Teleporter Pads!

PSST! Scribbles first reported this scoop in Bin Weevils Magazine #20, in stores now! Check it out for even more exclusive news about what’s coming up in the Bin!

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