The Amazing Teksta Space Jump!

Get ready for launch! Teksta the robotic puppy has arrived in the Bin and is gearing up for his biggest adventure yet: SPACE!

Incredible, brave Teksta will become the first ever robotic puppy to perform a space jump!

We’ve let Teksta prepare for his daring descent by creating a Teksta Mission Control area here in the Binscape, and he needs your help to get ready and reach his destiny!

Enter the Teksta Mission Control outside Rum’s Airport and play the Teksta Training game and Parachute Training game every day to get Teksta ready for his mission. The more you play, the more Teksta will learn for his record-breaking adventure!

You can win your own amazing Teksta, earn exclusive nest items and loads more! Head over there now and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment here on the What’s New Blog.

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