Last Week to Earn Green Arrow Top Hats!

Pssst! Have you got your Green Arrow Top Hat yet? It’s the last week of Scribbles’ celebration, and there’s still time to earn your special hat to mark the occasion! Make sure you write and submit your own Bin Tycoon Magazine this week and your exclusive hat will be delivered as soon as it’s published.

Here are some top story ideas for this week!

  • What’s behind the yellow curtain at Weevil Post?
  • The Super Antenna Quest! Where will it begin?
  • A-List nests: Have you spotted one?

Be sure to add some pics to really make your story pop, and get lots of photos of the festive decorations at Weevil Post before they come down.

To publish your own magazine, take photos with your own camera and much more, become a Bin Tycoon Member today!

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