NEW Strawberry Ice Cream Hat at Hem’s!

Hem’s got a new flavour of ice cream in stock in her shop…but this frozen treat’s not for eating. It’s a Bin-tastic new hat! (Try telling that to Clott… he’s been gnawing on his since this morning and still hasn’t managed to chomp a bite out of it!)

We caught up with Posh wearing this glorious icy lid outside the Gunge Tent. “Ahh, back where I should be – out here showing off the latest fashions, not getting glooped with goo!” she beamed.  “I’m so glad to be out of that Gunge Chamber, but let me tell you, dunking someone else is SO much fun! I’m just about to go in for another round!”

To collect the Ice Cream Hats and earn tokens in the Gunge Tent at the Summer Fair, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon Member! To learn more about all the other Bin-tastic stuff you can do with a Tycoon membership, visit the Membership page!


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