Breaking News: Lab’s Bin Bots Maker!

Everyone’s been wondering about the curious structure that appeared outside Lab’s Lab. Was it a new addition to the Daily Brain Strain? A new Claw Machine? Well, Lab is finally ready to reveal what he’s been tinkering away at all this time. He calls it… the Bin Bots Maker!

“I’ve been trying for ages to recreate that fateful experiment that brought me the original Bin Bots,” says Lab. “Now, I’ve made a machine that everyone can use to make their own Bin Bots!”

The Bin Bots Maker works by mixing combinations of potions together, but the mixes that will actually make Bin Bots remain a mystery, even to Lab!

Everyone will be able to experiment for themselves to find out which potion mixes produce Bin Bots! It’s not just the mix that matters, it’s the length of your experiment, too. It’s possible you’ll get a Bin Bot if the experiment is rushed, but you have a much better chance if you take your time with it.

Lab needs everyone’s help to find new Bin Bots, so he’s giving all Bin Weevils some random potions to try every day. Head to Lab’s Lab now to start experimenting!

Bin Tycoon Members get more daily potions and can even have two experiments on the go at once! Learn more about all the cool stuff you can do as a Bin Tycoon on the Membership page.

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