BEST NEST Issue #51 & More Claw Machine Collections!

Have you seen the Bin-tastic renovations Rigg made at Weevil Post? The Nest Inspector is so excited about the new building that he did three backflips!  Today, there’s a new issue of Best Nest inside the ALL-NEW Weevil Post for the very first time.

Check out Best Nest Magazine alongside Weevil Weekly and get some inspiration for your summer rooms. There are ten top nest rooms in this week’s issue, and they’re all terrific!

The biggest Claw Machine collection of the week belongs to star184 with an unbelievable 499 prizes!

Nest Inspector spotted some mega-sized Claw Machine toy collections in some of your nests this week. Check out these three nest rooms packed with Bin-loads of prizes!

TOP TIP: Bin Tycoon Members can play VIP games at the Summer Fair, and members also earn extra tokens for every game they play! To collect all the coolest Summer Fair stuff even faster, become a Bin Tycoon member today! Learn more on the Membership page.

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