Step right up to the Bin Weevils SUMMER FAIR! There’s never been a better way to fill your nest with the coolest, quirkiest, most colourful stuff…for FREE! Play lots of games to earn tokens, then spend those tokens on awesome stuff! It couldn’t be more simple. Have YOU got all the prizes?

Have a peek into the pages of the new Best Nest Magazine, out now at Weevil Post, Rigg’s Multiplex, to check out some of the best rooms the Nest Inspector found this week… then hurry to the Summer Fair to collect this Bin-tastic stuff for yourself.

TOP TIP: Bin Tycoon Members can play VIP games at the Summer Fair, and members also earn extra tokens for every game they play! To collect all the coolest Summer Fair stuff even faster, become a Bin Tycoon member today!  Learn more on the Membership page.

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