BREAKING NEWS: Golden Bin Bot Found!

A weevily big congratulations to jm0, who found one of the amazing Golden Bin Bots! This lucky Bin Weevil has not only become a Mulch Millionaire, but has also been SUPERSIZED for a whole week. Keep an eye out for the BIG winner around the Binscape!

There are still lots of real Golden Bin Bots hidden inside the Bin Bot collectable packs available at all good newsagents and stores, so keep looking. You could be the next winner!

Don’t forget to check out The Mulch Millionaire party tent at Flem Manor! To gain entry, find the Golden Bin Bot hidden somewhere in the Bin and you’ll immediately open up the doors to the Golden Bin Bot Mulch Millionaire Party where you can get your weevily dance on with all of your friends!

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