Weevil Weekly Issue #131 OUT NOW!

In this issue: New nest item previews, new weevily books coming soon, my interview with Lab and much more!

If you still have a question for Lab, Scribbles will be asking him some more Q’s next week – so be sure to leave yours in the comments!

Weevil Weekly Magazine is the official Bin Weevils Magazine written by Scribbles (a green Bin Weevil with giant antennae). It is now available inside Weevil Post, Rigg’s Multiplex!

Send me a short story inspired by the new Enchanted Forest nest items!  It can be about anything you like – let your imagination run wild. Keep your story bite-size – 200 words or less – and I’ll publish a few of my favourites in Weevil Weekly!

Submit your writing by email here:
[email protected]

PS. Don’t forget to include your Bin Weevils username!

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