Time to level up, up, UP!

Weevily wow!  It’s the biggest news in the Bin, have you heard? Levels from 61 to 65 are now open! This means that if you’re already at Level 60, you’ll be able to level up again and earn new trophies!

All that hard-earned XP you’ve been collecting since you reached Level 60 will be counted, so you might already be able to level up.  Pop into your nest to see, and check your XP bar underneath your level star to see how far you have left to go.

We’re loving these 5 new trophies, inspired by some of the Bin’s most popular areas. Can you tell which ones?  Which trophy is your favourite?

Bin Tycoons, for some top tips on how to earn more Mulch and XP and level up faster, check out this post!

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