New Under the Sea Nest Items!

Throughout January, the Shopping Mall will be stocked with brand new Under the Sea Nest Items. Head on over to the Shopping Mall and have a go at transforming your nest into an underwater weevily world!

As if that wasn’t enough, there are 5 Magical Sea Shell figurines to collect! A new one will be released each week! If you collect all 5 you’ll receive a FREE Golden Magical Sea Shell!

Excited? Good news! The brand new Green Magical Sea Shell has just arrived. Check it out at the Gadget Shop inside the Shopping Mall!

If you’re a little strapped for Mulch and just can’t wait to go shopping, you can purchase a Mulch Top-Up from the Membership Page to get you going!

ALL Bin Weevils can buy Mulch, you do not have to be a Bin Tycoon member. Check it out!

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