NEW Bin Weevils Mag Coming Soon & Introducing Our New Friends!

You asked for it, you got it! A brand new Bin Weevils magazine will be in stores near you next month! We can’t weevily wait!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, we’d like you to meet our new buddies Monty, Mudd and Glamm! Some of you may have already seen a sneak peek of the yellow Bin Weevil, Monty, in last week’s Weevil Weekly.

MONTY is Scribbles’ cousin and Editor of the Bin Weevils Monthly Magazine (in stores soon!) Like all good Bin Tycoons, Monty loves Scribbles’ amazing Weevil Weekly, and decided to publish his own magazine.

MUDD is the gardening expert for the Bin Weevils Magazine. Mudd loves trees and flowers, and as you’d expect, her garden is absolutely glorious.

GLAMM is the Bin Weevils Magazine’s resident design expert. She’s always on the lookout for Bin Weevils who share her taste for all things bling and who have the same eye for an exquisite room!

Stay tuned to find out when these new weevily friends will be visiting us in the Bin.  Rumour has it they’re bringing some sweet prizes!
PS.  If you meet any of our new friends in the Bin, you’ll know them by their special profile pics that look like the ones above!

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