Nest Inspector in the Bin!

Do you have an absolutely brilliant nest? Do you want the whole Bin to know? Do you want to be rewarded with an awesome Bin Nest Trophy? NEST INSPECTOR is in action this week and he can’t wait to inspect your nests!

This Wednesday (today!) and Thursday afternoon, Nest Inspector will be popping in randomly to accept nest invitations on Tycoon Island on the helicopter landing pad, so keep your weevily eyes out for him! He’ll soon be publishing a new issue of BEST NEST, and he’s got loads of trophies to give out!

Nest Inspector can’t wait to see your new Christmas nest items!


When: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon (UK time)
Where: Tycoon Island Helicopter Pad
What: Invite Nest Inspector to view your nest!

Hint: You’ll know you’ve found the real Nest Inspector if you click on him and see this special profile image pop up. When you see THIS image, you’ll know you’ve found him!

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