Happy Halloween Weekend!

The place to be and be seen this weekend is no doubt Slam’s Party Box! The Halloween Party is rocking with, games, free treats, a pumpkin hunt and much more! Don’t miss out head to Slam’s Party Box this weekend.

Tycoon’s don’t forget your Witch’s Hat as it will come in handy inside the party!

In the mood to shop? The must-have nest item this weekend are the 4 brand new Mystery Coffins! Collect all 4 at the Halloween Shop inside the Shopping Mall.

In the mood for a good read? Then check of Scribbles special Weevil Weekly Halloween Issue inside Weevil Post at Rigg’s Multiplex.

Tomorrow, the LAST LUCKY GHOST will appear on the What’s New Blog Weekend Puzzle Challenge! This is no ordinary ghost… we hear they come bearing some amazing prizes!

In the mood for an adventure? Gam urgently needs you in the SWS Headquarters, so get on over there and check out the new Mission Room and find out what he has to tell you about the latest mission!

Not an SWS agent yet? Join now by visiting Castle Gam, or click on the portrait in the front room of your nest!

You will need to be a Bin Tycoon to visit the new Mission Room and start the new mission.  To access extra SWS missions and so much more, become a Bin Tycoon member now!

For a limited time, get THIRTEEN extra free items when you subscribe to a Bin Tycoon membership! To get access to an exclusive area inside this year’s Halloween Party and much more, become a Bin Tycoon now!


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