NEW Dosh’s Palace Nest Items!

Dosh is the richest Bin Weevil in the Bin, and so it’s only natural that his palace is decked out in the ultimate luxury!  Dosh insists on the best of the best, and now you can follow in his footsteps with these exclusive Dosh’s Palace Nest Items!  Transform your room into a luxurious hall worthy of any millionaire or celebrity.  The perfect place to sit back and count all your Mulch!

Check out the Furniture Shop and Floors & Walls to snag the Dosh’s Palace Wallpaper, Shelves, Floor, Windows, Chairs and Rug!

The Dosh’s Palace items are available exclusively to Bin Tycoon members.  Not a Bin Tycoon yet?  Learn more about all the cool things you can do and become a member here!

A little low on Mulch?  No need to feel blue… All Bin Weevils can now purchase a Mulch Top-Up from the Membership Page!

If you’ve bought these nest items then please let us know what you think about them. Leave your comments below, thanks!

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