Draw & Decorate a Nest Room!

Have you got an idea for a fabulous nest room that would be sure to impress the Nest Inspector and all your friends? Are you saving up Mulch for a special item and already imagining what it will look like when it’s finally in your nest?

We want to see your ideas for a BIN-TASTIC nest room! Some of the best ideas will be posted on the What’s New Blog and you could score a massive Mulch prize for your creativity!

Draw your dream nest room and furnish it with items that are available in the Shopping Mall. Include a list of the items you used with your submission!

DID YOU KNOW? Drawing an empty nest room in 3D is easy! Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a rectangle slightly smaller than the page. Draw lines connecting the corners of the rectangle to the corners of your page. Then just add a door on one wall and you’re done!

Scan your finished project and send your room idea to pics@binweevils.com, or send it to us by post at:

Bin Weevils Ltd.
The Clockhouse
220 Latimer Road
W10 6QY

Congratulations to the Weekend Puzzle winners! A random few of you who had the right answer, MULCH ISLAND, have won a cool 4,000 Mulch! And the winners are…

momower, SAMEEHAH, Quackers12, 7tam7, Guo, Peevil, Doctormarmalade, VertiX, dello50, SilenceWillFall, TreaclePudding, goldplatinum, Lunarmat, spiky21, lindalou1962, tv9999

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