Did You Know?… Walk Your Bin Pet!

Why not take your Bin Pet for a walk on this lovely Sunday afternoon…

When your pet is on “XP 2” he/she will be able to jump on your back and you will be able to go for a wander together around the Binscape.

Try this:

1. Click on your Bin Pet to pull up his/her profile. On the profile click on the pet’s name  to call your pet and get your pet’s attention.

2. Once you have your pet’s attention, click on the “come here” button.  Jump a couple of times while your pet is looking at you, and your pet will imitate your movements.

3. Then, click on the “jump on” button to ask your pet to jump up onto your back. Once your pet is on your back, you can leave your nest and your pet will go with you!  Flum’s Fountain would be a great place to go.

Runaway Bin Pet? If your Bin Pet happens to run off while you’re out in the Bin and you can’t find him/her, don’t panic! Your Bin Pet is very smart and will always find the way home.  The next time you log out and back in again,  your Bin Pet will appear in your nest.

If you want to adopt a Bin Pet, visit the Bin Pet Shop on the top floor of the Shopping Mall.  To adopt a Bin Pet, you must be a Bin Tycoon member and your Bin Weevil must be at least level 9.

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