Did You Know?…Nest Ratings

Hey Bin Weevils!  Did you know that inviting other Bin Weevils to your nest (and visiting theirs) can have awesome benefits for both you and your pal?  Giving and receiving nest ratings is one of the quickest and coolest ways to earn XP and happiness!

When you invite other Bin Weevils to visit your nest, not only does your Nest Score go up every time someone rates a room, but you also earn XP!  This means that the more guests you invite, the faster you will level up!  Invite other users to visit your weevily home by clicking on their Bin Weevil, then selecting the house icon under their profile box. This will send them an invite to check out your nest.

When someone else invites you to visit their nest, you’ll see their invitation pop up in a little envelope at the bottom of your screen.  Rating someone else’s nest rooms has a VERY cool side effect – not only will you help the nest’s owner level up, but you’ll get a little something, too!  For every nest rating you give, you’ll gain some happiness points.  When your Bin Weevil is happier, your plants grow faster, which means you can harvest your garden quicker and earn more Mulch and XP.  No wonder you’ll have a big shiny grin!

To rate a nest room, simply choose a rating from 1 to 5 stars in each room when you’re visiting someone’s nest, and click on the star meter to lock in your rating.  You can also rate the garden, so don’t forget to pop outside for a breath of fresh Bin air and see what they’ve got in bloom!

To see your nest score and XP go up, you will have to leave and return to your nest after your guests have gone.  If you log out, you’ll see your new score the next time you login.

Note:  You can only give and receive a certain amount of nest ratings each day, so if your nest score isn’t going up anymore or you don’t see any more star meters in rooms, it means you’ve used up all your ratings for today.  Come back tomorrow to rate more nests!

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