Did you know?… Copy Cat Bin Pets!

Hey Bin Weevils! We know how much you all love your Bin Pets and how some of you simply could not be without a Bin Weevil’s best friend.  But did you know that if you ‘JUMP’ your Bin Pet will jump too?

Have a go with your Bin Pet this weekend and let us know which moves you can do that your Bin Pet will copy!

Try this:

1. Say your Bin Pet’s name.

2. Once you have his/her attention, then jump!

3. Your Bin Pet will then copy your move!

This exercise is great for the both of you. You will increase your Bin Pet’s XP and fitness levels.  The higher your pet’s XP goes, the more tricks he or she can learn!

If you want to adopt a Bin Pet, visit the Bin Pet Shop on the top floor of the Shopping Mall.  To adopt a Bin Pet, you must be a Bin Tycoon member.

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