This Thursday 17th March is St Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate, we want to create a wash of green across the Bin! What better way to achieve this than by getting every single Bin Weevil to change their colour. What colour? GREEN, of course!!

To mark this day, we would like to invite all green coloured Bin Weevils to gather at Ink’s Orange Peel for a photo. The photo will then be posted on the What’s New Blog for the world to see.

Colour Code: Green
Date/Time: Thursday 17th March / 4:30pm – 5:00pm

Location: Ink’s Orange Peel

DID YOU KNOW? For a small amount of Mulch you can change your Bin Weevil’s colour inside Dosh’s Palace. Remember, if you don’t want to stay green then you can change your look at any time.  All Bin Weevils can change their colour as many times as they like.

We hope to see you all there!

Last weekend’s Puzzle Challenge  winners are listed below. They were rewarded 3000 mulch each!

The correct answer: ORANGE

alfiepip, yumyum90, arba10, timmymurphy, BlueBeetle, Tinktink, BamBam10, TrashCanSteve, binbin10, tigerhawk, bens5000, slubberlub, beetlejuice3, Riomunn, coco-cola, Riomunn, Doughnut87, danny7, FYNN, firefly21, kane583, Lila-The-Wolf, marlowrocks and onku

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