NEW SWS Mission!

Hey weevils!  Huge news!  A brand new SWS mission has just arrived at SWS headquarters!  It involves buried secrets, ancient objects of power and loads of mystery…we can’t WAIT to check it out!

You may notice we’ve made a few changes to the old SWS missions, including lowering the level required to join SWS to level 3 so that more weevils can participate.  The new mission will be available for all SWS members level 4 and up.

If you’re not a member of the Secret Weevil Service already, just click on the portrait hanging in the main room of your nest to tackle the entrance questions and embark on your first mission to find all the hidden SWS logos.  You’ll then earn a cool SWS trophy for your nest and you’ll find out the location of the SWS Headquarters…but we cannot tell you more, it’s TOP SECRET!


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