Wanna Be a Bin Tycoon? Make A Deal!

If you want to be a Bin Tycoon, why not make a deal with your parent(s) to get a Bin Tycoon membership!ย  Offer to help out a little more around the house or do some extra chores to make them happy. Donโ€™t pester them, but show them how responsible you are and they just might make you a Bin Tycoon!

Here are some ideas to start you off!

  • Clean up your room
  • Tidy your cupboards
  • Make your bed in the morning
  • Make breakfast for your family
  • Do the dusting
  • Do the hoovering
  • Help with the laundry
  • Fill or empty the dishwasher
  • Wash the dishes
  • Watch your little brother/sister
  • Help with the shopping
  • Help out in the garden
  • Take out the rubbish
  • Feed or walk the family pet
  • Wash the windows
  • Wash your parents’ car
  • Lay the table for dinner
  • Clean up the kitchen after dinner

Learn more about Bin Tycoon

Click on the image below to print out a Bin Tycoon Deal!
You can also find a copy of the Deal on the FUN STUFF page.

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