I have a Bin Pet!

Introducing Orange my Bin Pet. I bought him today along with an orange food bowl and bed from the Bin Pet Shop. I have spent the whole day playing with Orange and he is now on “XP 4” experience.

Copy cat

Did you know that if you ‘jump’ your Bin Pet will jump too?

Try this:

1. Say your Bin Pets name

2. Once you have his/her attention then ‘jump’

3. Your pet will copy your actions.

This exercise is great for the both of you. You will increase your Bin Pets’ experience and fitness levels.

Take me for a walk

When your pet is on “XP 2” it will be able to jump on your back and you will be able to take it for walks around the Bin.

Try this:

1.Stand next to your Bin Pet and say its name.

2. Once you have his/her attention click on the “jump on” button

3. Once your pet is on your back you can leave your nest.

This weekend, I will be taking Orange for a walk around the Bin. I hope to see you and your Bin Pet out and about too. I think Orange needs a Bin Pet friend. . . .

Let me know if these tips work for you.

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